I sorrow for what happened in Paris and for the victims and hope we can use this tragedy to think about how to avoid similar happenings in the future.


Extract from a secret telegram of the US ambassador in Baghdad, 1958, to the US president Eisenhower:

Mr President, every Arab I met warns me that it won’t be either the decades or the American money that will induce them to forgive us for what we have done.

It took about a century for them to react. The Islamic massacres are not to be considered Terrorism, but rather Reaction (violent, tragic and disgusting but still a reaction).

If you want (and dare) you can find plenty of resources (documents, government reports, government executive orders, humanitarian organisation reports and so on…) that prove what we (the western world) have inflicted to the Arab (and not only, Africans, Latin Americans, Indo-Chinese, Indonesian) population throughout a century.

We have erased their identity by separating the population with fictitious borders, depriving of their resources and demolishing all their socialist-laic-democratic movements; of course in the Middle-east all this would not have been possible without the help of Israel (i.e. the biggest US terror base in the world).

We have established puppets-dictators controlled by USA, Israel, France and Great Britain who massacred their population for a century.

Lately we have pointed out their extreme reactions as terrorism and we have massacred them even more (2001-2015).

The idiocy of the western world is gigantic; after 11th September and a third world war against the “terrorism” we achieved nothing, we only made the situation worst. And what are we going to do now? A fourth world war against the terrorism, and what will we achieve? Nothing.

Today they react again, with manners unthinkable for the Western World.

Hollande, a complete ignorant, affirms: “We will go there and destroy them, we are at war”; good luck, you have no idea who you are dealing with.

They are used to such atrocities that we cannot even imagine and, what it is most absurd, we don’t even give the slightest importance to their tragedies.

We never cared about their million deaths, 345 charred children, a father crying in front of a camera showing the body of its daughter slaughtered by a laser-guided US/Israeli bomb, 19,000 Lebanese farmers slayed by US/Israeli bomb, 31 weddings ended up with a mass of body parts spread all over the ground because of just a small error of some US drone, I can go on…

They are used to amputate body parts without anaesthesia, to bury their millions of deaths in mass graves or hopelessly watching their children die or maybe hoping to see them dead quick instead of paining.

On our side, we don’t care of their tragedies, that we did create, and it would be unthinkable for us to experience what they have done for almost a century. You will never see on a newspaper or on TV what I wrote above because there are more important things to show the mass, like masterchef or champions league.

And the tragedy is that they are well aware about this, they don’t need to spend billions dollars in super weapons or to finance long war campaigns. They are aware on the fact that a small group of people equipped with rudimentary weapons (see the latest tragedy in Paris) can literally create hysteric panic here in the Western World (this is known as Retail Terrorism).

By the way, after all we can consider ourselves very lucky because the Arabs are not the only population that we have massacred, humiliated and strangled. The same has been done against Africans, Latin Americans, Indo-Chinese, Indonesians, Kurds, etc. with atrocities and holocausts that all together make the Shoah seeming a minor accident.

Now, try to imagine a situation where one day each of these population realise what they have been enduring for so many years and decide to react against the Western World following the Islamic example.

As I said, so far we have been very lucky.