Hello my British friend,

I can picture you in my mind standing on the cliffs of Dover looking south-ward and whispering the word “Leave”.

What can you see over the horizon?

You can see a sort of cloaca called EU. A continent devastated by a group of non-elected technocrats, which by the end of 2015 was still 7% below 2008 pre-crisis period while USA, with all its defects, had recovered to a 10% over 2007 level.

You can see the continent which, through the Enlightenment of the 18th century, set the seed of democracy and human rights that allowing us to live as humans rather than beasts. The same continent that today is carving every possible power from sovereign governments to hand it over to financial and industrial corporations (back to feudalism).

You can see a continent that gave birth to the Eurozone, an economic and social crime that effectively turned its member states into a slavery and misery condition to an even worst level than the EU itself.

You can see Germany still attempting to subdue the rest of Europe after two big fails (1918 and 1945) yet being devoured by its own austerity policies, its most important bank (Deutsche Bank) registering losses for 6.8 billion and its infrastructures at a standstill for 20 years.

You can see the rest of thisdying continent, the France suffocated by the Jobs Act, the hopeless Italy (population without access to medical care increased by 11%), the plundered Greece (prenatal deaths increased by 40%, HIV incidence increased 1by 3000% since local medical facilities have no resources to buy new syringes, patient with cancer left to die in agony because they cannot afford to buy morphine) and all those millions of citizens condemned to a miserable life by the EU austerity (life expectation and quality regressed to 40s levels).

You can see the popular revolts of millions of desperate people that are forced to vote for extreme right parties, since those are the only one defending the national identities.

You can see the fascist judges of the European Court who managed to subvert with a verdict those few opt-out possibilities that your premier Cameron managed to include in the EU treaties. And then you see the same Cameron that in February 2016 in front of the EU commission, armed with his powerful weapon, the Brexit, managed to obtain just 4 grants instead of the 10 initially requested. And mind the fact that if Great Britain stays in EU you will lose all the weapons you have today to destroy Draghi and Juncker.

You can see the modern Goering and Goebbels, i.e. Merkel and Schauble, threatening you to stay in the EU in order to avoid tragic consequences for your economy, but you British are bad ass and simply ignore the nonsenses they are vomiting. This is probably why you can see the Der Spiegel, which presumably knows the reality of facts that is begging you not to leave instead of threatening.

But if you turn around you can also see Great Britain, the world biggest financial hub, centre of all the euro-dollar transactions, an oil producing country, a country with privileged contacts with a potential market of 3.2 billion people while the EU is a depressed rotten market of less than 500 million powerless people.

You can see that your country has a commercial deficit with the EU, this means that if after the Brexit Merkel and Hollande do not behave well the entire EU will stop selling to one its biggest buyer (while Great Britain imports almost nothing from EU).

You can see that financial titan situated in London, the City, that exports 10% of the British GDP and only a poor 1.1% goes to EU, and honestly, why should you care about the EU market when you have China and India?

You can see the British SMEs, devastated by the psychotic EU bureaucracy, losing 600 million pounds a week just because they are forced to obey to Brussels. For the sake of a small minority of companies that are exporting to EU, 100% of the British companies must submit to Brussels dictatorship.

So, you are probably thinking: “Have we become idiots? We have billions potential customers in the world, we have the world strongest financial centre, and for less than 12% of our export we have to remain in that rotten neo-feudal experiment called EU, when out of their psychotic regulations we can make trillions with the rest of the world?

So, my British friend still standing on those white cliffs, don’t just whisper that word, scream it until your lungs are empty and make sure everyone can hear you, because on June 23 you can really thrust your stake in the heart of the neo-feudal EU vampire.

There had been another important June years ago, back in 1940, the Nazis were attempting the invasion of Great Britain (Operation Sea Lion) and in that juncture you succeeded to pushed them back. It was the first big defeat of the Nazis and probably marked the beginning of their decline. Your next important June will be in 2016, your enemy is more or less the same yet more equipped and sneaky. They don’t use bombers any more, they use transnational treaties and their flag is no longer red with a weird cross, it is blue with some yellow stars.

You gave Europe a new hope in 1940, I hope you can do the same in 2016.

Fausto Molinari