– What is money and why is it accepted?
– How does the monetary system determine the fiscal policy?
– How does the government spend?
– Why does the government tax?
– How do government and central bank coordinate?
  1. Macro Fundamentals
    • Orthodox and Heterodox
    • Sectoral Balances
  2. Money and Money Things
    • Evolution of Money
    • Money Theories and Regimes
  3. Sovereign Government and Fiscal Policy
    • Fiscal policy for a sovereign country
    • Government deficit policies
  4. Modern Monetary System
    • Money creation and Reserves
    • Treasury – Central Bank coordination
  5. Deficit Spending Arguments (Draft, still in progress)
    • Sustainability and full employment
    • Inflation
    • Exchange rate



Heterodox Macroeconomics seminar

  • Stockholm, May 5th 2018
  • Örebro, May 25th 2019

Video materials:

MMT vs. Austrian School Debate (1 video)

Modern Money & Public Purpose (8 videos)

Macroeconomics lectures by Professor Randall Wray (7 videos)