Mario Draghi is right

Mario Draghi is right, if you don’t take the Covid vaccine you will die.

Bear with me, I know it is not a vaccine but an experimental genetic therapy (and so does he) but let’s use this term for simplicity.

He certainly does not mean that you will die of Covid, no, he knows the chances of dying of Covid are no greater than a common season flu, IF treated timely and with proper cures (incidentally the same cures that are “not recommended” or even marked as illegal nowadays). Just to give you some number 0.035% mortality if you are younger than 70 and 1.7% if older and with at least three prior diseases.

Nor does he implies that you will die “physically”, there won’t be any “health police” hunting and taking down non-vaccinated people or gently escorting them to the nearest train station. Not at this stage at least but I shouldn’t but to sure about this either, if you talk to much and people listen to you I wouldn’t be surprised if they assisted you in taking your own life.

Welcome to your room 101, without your green pass you won’t be able to go to work, go to school, to travel, to participate to any social event and even be denied medical care. You will cease to exist as “person”, your civil rights will be reduced to a minimum, they won’t take your life rather your ability to live.

Your only way out of this limbo is the vaccine.

No, you will not be able to survive by constantly taking nasopharyngeal tests. How long can you stand to be humiliated and tortured by some persecutor sticking that swab deep into your nose? Salivary tests are bound to be banished, not because they are not accurate enough (sorry for using the word accuracy when talking about PCR) but because they are not painful enough.

Even though is a waste of time and money you could hypothetically get a salivary test every 2 days and get along with it but not with the nasopharyngeal one. The damage that swab does to your pharynges will be unbearable and eventually you will give up and be forced to chose between limbo and injection.

Mario made a promise, you will die.

He knows he can count on an army of unsuccessful individuals who longed for their entire life to show how powerful they are in taming another human being and proudly responding every time their strings are tugged.

Nevertheless don’t be angry with them, fell sorry instead. Look how proud they are in all their misery when they stop you from entering a supermarket with their laser thermometer, when they fined you for not wearing a face mask, when they humiliate you with that stick in your nose. Feel sorry, when their strings will be cut they will be disposed of and retreat to their lair made of football and TV.


What Mario didn’t tell you is why all this violence against non-vaccinated people.

It’s because they fear that in the end they may be losing, their global lobotomy under-performed their expectations, 20% of the population is still believe that two plus two is four.

They are desperate now, they fear that 20% as well as those belonging to the 80% that didn’t fall for their propaganda and choose the “green path” for not losing their job or what was left of their social life.

They are trying to impose you resilience, show them resistance instead.

Remember Stalingrad, when they reached the river bank of the Volga, 90% of the city was captured and the remaining Soviet defenses besieged in two small areas. We all know how it went, the Soviet didn’t just win the battle, they won the war.

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